Have We No Decency?

The Trump Administration has, ‘willy-nilly’ decided to end a program that allowed immigrants who are here because of the medical treatment they, or their family member need to stay alive, is not available anywhere else.  No matter if they might die. Immigrants in this situation have been ordered to leave the country within 30 days.

The cruelty of this change of policy is monstrous!  Imagine you have a child whose life saving treatment is only available here and without which your child will die.  This means your deportation is a death sentence for your child.

What kind of cruel, evil sociopath would come up with such a proposal?  Is this what we have come to?  Hating ‘others’ so much we would condemn them or their children to death over a line on a paper map?  Have we no honor left?  Has this monster of a President sucked every last bit of integrity out of the American people along with our soul?

I want to believe we will reject this latest attempt at cruelty promulgated by this administration, hoping Americans would please say with a loud voice, No, enough is enough, and do it before this policy actually kills someone or their children!  Let us wash at least this stain out before it becomes a permanent splotch on America’s tablecloth. One we must all look at when we sit in November at our Thanksgiving table and we acknowledge the cruelty being done in our name!

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A Word to My Fellow Citizens

Every time you see an ad or picture talking about some group getting something before or instead of Veterans remember it is a trick to get you to worry about that group instead of those who are actually responsible.
They try to pit one group of financially struggling people against another group to distract you while they rob the country blind!

If you really want to turn things around how about Andrew Yang’s proposal for a Universal Basic Income. Change the economic policy back.

Reagan and his boys gave us ‘supply side economics’ or ‘trickle down’ or as it was called then, Voo Doo economics. 40 years of giving huge tax cuts to the wealthy and shifting the cost of government to the poor and middle class. The wealthy get wealthier and the rest of us are only given enough to just get by! Putting Mr Yang’s idea in place would get us back to basic economics, ‘supply and demand”. ‘Trickle UP’ economics would turn the world back right rather than upside down as it has been these last 40 years!

All of us on the lower end of the economic ladder should unite and create a new economy that includes all of us and not just the wealthy and connected!!!

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Ending Marijuana Prohibition Should Only Be The Beginning!

The ending of marijuana prohibition has been a long time coming. While America will no longer have a marijuana prohibition problem, it will still have the original policy of prohibition it uses to deal with drug use and abuse. The policy of drug prohibition started in 1914 with the Harrison Act which made opium and other drugs illegal and finally provided oversight of the drug market. This prohibition of some drugs and not others has fueled, as alcohol prohibition did in the thirties, a rise in criminal activity to supply the needs of a population of addicts who were suddenly cut off from the help of their doctors, and made criminals simply by the fact of their addiction.
Prohibition was the basis of the Harrison Act in 1914 and it is today the basis of all of America’s drug policies. America spends upwards of 51 billion dollars a year to enforce a policy that has never, in it’s almost 100 years of trying, had a year that could be called a success.
Other countries have tried other policies, for example in Portugal where almost 20 years ago they adopted a policy of harm reduction and eliminated the crime of criminal possession. The result has been a huge drop in the harms associated with drug use.
It is truly wonderful that the failed policy of marijuana prohibition is ending, but as long as prohibition is the focus of our efforts in dealing with drug use and abuse we will never come anywhere near successfully treating America’s drug problem.

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Be it known throughout the kingdom!

All citizens be aware!

The Dark Lord is on the throne of the Czars in the east!  His minion, Saruman the Donald broods and plots in the West!

Now is not the time for timidity or fear.  Now is the time to gird ourselves in spirit as Elven warriors of fable to stand against this treachery and darkness.  The battle is at hand.  Let us not wait till the last to begin the task of ridding ourselves of this mockery of all that is fair, decent and honorable!

Vote my friends as though your very lives depended on it, because they do!


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What if He’s Just Incompetent?

Congressional Legislators talk about impeachment of the President as if it requires some action by the President that is either immoral or illegal or so outrageous as to warrant it. But impeachment is actually the Constitution’s way of firing the guy we hired in the last election.  With that in mind, we shouldn’t need an action to fire him.  How about if he is just incompetent?  It is obvious to any objective observer that this President is actually unfit for the position.

Since the President claims to be a great businessman, let us look at his performance as the hired Chief Executive Officer of our company, America INC.

Since being appointed CEO of our company, he has put the company at a disadvantage in the current market. Passed private company information to a competitor. Embarrassed the Company at several industry meetings and caused our industry partners to doubt the validity of our commitment to contracts we have with them.

As the owners of America INC it is obvious that this disaster of a CEO must be removed before he damages the company any further. The way to do that is for the board to vote to remove him and Impeachment is exactly that.  Congress does this.  The House lists the reasons to fire him and the Senate votes on whether to fire him or not, it is that simple.

The notion that we need concrete proof of some action is simply not true. Being incompetent should be reason enough.

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It Was All About the Votes!

When one considers all the restrictive anti-abortion bills being passed in Republican controlled Legislatures one has to admit that the Republican plan to use the abortion issue and religion to split the women’s vote has worked beyond anything they could have imagined.

Half of the women in the country, a country based on individual freedom, are voting not for their freedom but instead, voting to give up their rights as sovereign individuals.  They are voting to allow the Government to decide what happens should they get pregnant.  Not their Doctor, not them but the Government!

Controlling Women’s reproductive rights is more important than freedom from Government interference in the lives of the citizens. Republicans throw out the basic principle of their Party to pass a law every bit as onerous as Sharia law when it comes to Women’s reproductive rights.

It was only about getting votes, nothing more, nothing less!

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Are You Ready?

There is a small restaurant just outside the old Military Housing complex at the former Bitburg Airbase in Bitburg, Germany.  I was stationed there in the early 80s and ate there many times.  The GIs called it, ’The Corner Store’ but its real name was, ‘The Edelweiss’.  Some of the younger Germans at the time were calling for the American military to leave.  Evidence of this was present in the Men’s room at The Edelweiss.  There, in bold writing, on the wall above the urinals were written the words, “You Americans should go home!”  Directly below that a GI had written, “Hope you got your Russian Textbooks ready!”   The Cold War was heating up with President Reagan’s visit to Bitburg Air Base for the 45th anniversary of the end of WWII and things were a bit tense.

We are again faced with an aggressive Russia as it has lost its grip on democracy and reverted to a dictatorial oligarchy every bit as cunning and dangerous as the old Soviet Union was.  It seems more than obvious that the Russians have some kind of sway with our current President.  They have used cyber warfare to attack our 2016 election, are continuing to attacks and are preparing to attack the 2020 elections.  The current administration not only denies the reports of our Security Services but publicly defended the perpetrator of the attacks, Vladimir Putin!  Our President has actively worked to further Russia’s foreign policy goals and is continuing in this more recently by denying Russia’s involvement in Venezuela.  This ignoring of the Monroe Doctrine puts Russia close enough to cause us all kinds of trouble.

In considering all of this and the upcoming elections I’ve come to the conclusion that should America reelect the current administration we might want to prepare.  As that GI wrote on the wall long ago, “I hope you got your Russian textbooks ready!”

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