Oops! There it is!

I was attending the monthly meeting of the Veterans of Foreign Wars at my local VFW post back in April of 2011, when an incident occurred which underscores the unique type of animosity that has surfaced since President Obama was elected.  As I was getting settled in my seat I could hear a group of about four guys sitting behind me.  They were listening to one guy hold forth about Obama not being a legitimate President because of his birth or heritage.  He sited Obama’s father being Kenyan, Obama not being raised in America, Obama’s middle name and the birth certificate.  After a few minutes I had enough.  I turned around, and with the low roar of adrenalin in my ears, laid my hand on their table and said, “ You know, if Obama was a white guy, you fellas wouldn’t be saying all that garbage.”

That did it!  The guy who was holding forth and leading the disinformation session, (lets just call him ‘the guy’), was immediately incensed that someone would think his diatribe was racist.  ‘The guy’ then claimed that he was upset with Obama because he hadn’t claimed his white heritage.  I asked him how Obama was supposed to do that? Should he get up every morning and exclaim, I’m white and I’m proud?  Do you get up every morning and claim your whiteness by saying I’m white and I’m proud?

‘The guy’ sputtered and said, “Well I hate him cause I hate his policies”.  I said, “And?”  ‘The guy’ responded, “I hate him cause he’s a Democrat!”  I said, “And?”  ‘The guy’ then said, “I hate him cause he’s black!”  I smacked my hand on the table and forcefully exclaimed, “And there it is!”

Without another word I turned around.  The meeting was about to start.

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