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Time To Reclaim A Kentucky Industry

State Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is trying to get industrial hemp, (cannabis), legalized as an alternative crop for our farmers.  State Senator Perry Clark wants to get marijuana, (cannabis), legalized for medical uses.  Many of our citizens would like to … Continue reading

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Veterans To Condiser Medical Marijuana Resolution

Veteran members of the Veterans Of Foreign Wars in the Ninth District of Kentucky will vote in January on a resolution supporting Veteran access to medical marijuana thru the auspices of the Veterans Administration.  The resolution recommends that the Federal … Continue reading

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And So Back To Work

Well the election is over and now 18 States and the District of Columbia have medical marijuana laws on the books!  Even better, two States, Washington and Colorado have legalized marijuana possession and use by adults for recreational purposes!  Federal … Continue reading

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Doing The Same Thing And Getting Nowhere

A couple of weeks ago There was an article in the Kentucky Enquirer about the increase in heroin overdoses and deaths in the region, particularly in Northern Kentucky’s Campbell County.   There was a response printed in the Community Press’s Campbell … Continue reading

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