Time To Reclaim A Kentucky Industry

State Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is trying to get industrial hemp, (cannabis), legalized as an alternative crop for our farmers.  State Senator Perry Clark wants to get marijuana, (cannabis), legalized for medical uses.  Many of our citizens would like to see cannabis legalized for recreational uses.  Maybe it’s time for our legislators to take back the cannabis industry.

At one time Kentucky had a lucrative cannabis market providing hemp fiber and medicines for retail sale.  Kentuckians were fooled into voting this industry out of existence by a newspaper propaganda campaign that made cannabis out to be something different and foreign by calling it by it’s Mexican name, marijuana. The reason cannabis and the cannabis industry was suddenly vilified and driven out of the market place and into the black market had more to do with business interests eliminating the competition, than the idea of protecting Americans from what has turned out to be a relatively harmless and mostly beneficial plant.  Even the American Medical Association spoke against making cannabis illegal but the fix was in and we have had 75 years of the failed policy of prohibition.

President Nixon who, against the recommendation of his own commission on drugs, used it to prove he was tough on crime by declaring the War On Drugs, and to harass war protesters.  President Reagan said it was the number one enemy of America.  H. W. Bush, Clinton, Carter and now Obama have all allowed this waste of 51 billion a year accomplishing nothing and inflicting misery and fear on the citizens to continue.  Admittedly Carter said the law should be reformed and Obama has recently said it’s a debate worth having but nothing has been done at the Federal level, leaving it up to Congress and the State legislatures to change policy.  Ironically our last 3 Presidents have used cannabis at one time or another.

Kentucky Legislators have a unique opportunity to reestablish the cannabis industry in Kentucky and position Kentucky to claim a huge portion of what is estimated to be a multibillion dollar industry.  Our legislators should join forces and go for outright legalization across the board.  The billions in economic activity to be realized from this action would lift the lives and improve the conditions of all our citizens.  For our legislators to allow the failed policy of cannabis prohibition to continue  and cause Kentucky’s businesses and farmers to miss out on this opportunity is unthinkable!

Now is the time for us to join the ranks of Colorado and Washington State.  Now is the time to stand up to the Federal Authorities and do what’s best for Kentucky.  Now is the time to bring the cannabis industry back to life in Kentucky!

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One Response to Time To Reclaim A Kentucky Industry

  1. Thor Tangvald, MD says:

    I do enjoy Tony’s comments, and wonderful insights. As a physician, I am extremely alarmed that our government is waging war on its’ own citizens. With the majority accepting marijuana use, why aren’t our representatives representing us, rather than make us into their lap dogs?

    Dr. T

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