Here He Comes A Courtin’

The Republicans are gonna come courting’ in 2014 and chief among them will be Senator Mitch McConnell.  Some say his leadership position in the Senate is a feather in Kentucky’s cap and reason enough to send him back to the Senate for another term.  On the other hand, his stated goal of  ‘making Mr. Obama a one term president’ has forced him to adopt positions that must be said, are not good, for most Kentuckians, but are good for the Republican party.

During his time in the Senate he originally supported gun control legislation but has flipped on gun control and now opposes any gun control measure at all.  He easily disregards the thousands of deaths from gun violence every year and the support of over 80% of Kentuckians who favor gun control laws, to represent the will of his real supporters the gun manufacturers as represented by the National Rifle Association.  While Mitch is busy supporting gun manufacturer’s ability to sell guns to anyone without restriction, he is also busy opposing the Affordable Care Act.  It appears he wants us to have guns but not the healthcare you might need if you were to get shot with one!

Under his watch his party managed to trash the Government’s credit rating and have left America’s reputation as the country that does ‘the right thing’ in tatters.  Not only has our credit rating been lowered but we are now known as a country that will attack without provocation and will use torture to reach our goals!

Under Senator McConnell’s leadership, his party overloaded the country’s credit card with tax cuts that transferred a huge portion of the country’s wealth from the bottom of the financial pyramid to the top.  At the same time his party was transferring this wealth it was getting rid of those pesky regulations that get in the way of business.  Regulations that were put in place after the Great Depression of the Thirties that don’t apply now.  In 2007 we found out that those pesky regulations were pretty important!  But hey! That’s ok!  Mitch didn’t notice cause he was busy and besides his supporters weathered the recession quite well thank you! 

Since the 2008 election Senator McConnell has opposed any proposals made by the President that might make the President look good, such as infrastructure or job creation proposals.  He and his party have gone so far as to repeatedly threaten to destroy the finances of the country over the debt ceiling unless the rest of the legislators give in to their demands!

What positive effect has this had for your average Kentuckian?  McConnell and his cronies oppose ANY Government spending except for tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations so they can create jobs, (remember jobs?), money for defense and paying down the deficit that Republican rule led by Mitch McConnell created.  One has only to read the budget supported by Mr. McConnell and his party to see the Republican plan.  Cut money for people at the lower end to keep policies and programs funded for the upper end.  My God, their budget even cuts money for food stamps!  Have we become so callus that we need to steal money from a beggars cup to keep tax cuts for the rich in place?

Come 2014 Mitch and his party is gonna come a courting.  It would behoove Kentuckians to think long and hard before we accept the flowers and eat the candy he will offer.

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