Honoring The Sacrafice

Memorial Day, the day we celebrate the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of the Government of the United States. We say these heroes died to defend freedom but they did that by defending the legitimate Government of the United States in which they were a part.
In this day and age when people feel the need to blame someone for the hardship and misery in their lives, it is becoming increasingly routine to blame the Federal Government. That these complaints are misguided doesn’t matter. The Government being visible in people’s lives, it gets the blame. Routine complaining aside, when did it become acceptable to speak of the illegitimacy of the Government because you and people of your political persuasion lost the last election? The political opposition to the current Government has been so vitriolic and completely without foundation in it’s complaints that it is using ever more radical and outlandish arguments to stir up the citizens. I guess it is working but at what cost? Increasingly people are using these arguments to perform acts of violence against their own Government. The party out of power is not just saying the ruling party has ideas it doesn’t agree with, they are saying that the ruling party, even though they won quite handsomely, is somehow not the legitimate Government of the United States and have refused to support it in any way.
Used to be the party out of power was called, “the Loyal Opposition”. I’m not sure when it happened but today the party out of power can be called a lot of things but Loyal Opposition is not one of them. Majority rule for them is only valid if they are in the majority. Interestingly it is this very group who try to claim the mantle of Patriots and supporters of the military and yet , their goal is replacement of the current Government with one the people rejected and thousands of citizen solders have died to protect. History shows that colonist citizens who were conservatives were against making a break with England, revolutionaries they were not.
If we really want to honor the sacrifice of those who died to protect and preserve our way of life we should drop the outrageous and radical rhetoric about the legitimacy of the current Government and assume the proper role of Loyal Opposition, working with those in power to achieve what’s best for America and it’s future.

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