Where’s the Beef

One of the best advertisements of the last 50 years was a television commercial for hamburgers. An old lady picks up the top of a hamburger bun, looks at the puny hamburger patty and cries, “Where’s the Beef?” One might ask the same question of the numerous scandals that have been popping up like tulips in spring and have mostly Republican panties all in a bunch.
Take Benghazi for example. It started as an excuse to berate Obama’s Foreign Policy and to settle a personal score that Senator McCain was carrying on his shoulder. Republicans attacked the UN Ambassador Susan Rice over talking points she was given to speak on when she appeared on the Sunday talk shows right after the attack in Benghazi. Despite saying that it was too early to tell exactly what the situation was, Republicans ginned up the inaccuracy of some of the talking points and used what traction they could get out of it to tar and feather the Administration. The problem for the Republicans is that with all the noodles thrown at the wall, nothing has stuck. More to the point is the fact that no laws were broken and no crime was committed. There is no there, there!
The leak investigation by the Justice Department looking at the phone records of members of the Associated Press to find and close those leaks is another one. Everything about it is on the up and up. It is the duty of the Justice Department to investigate and so it has. Again , no laws have been broken and no crime has been committed.
The Internal Revenue Service investigations have shown that no law has been broken and no crime has been committed. Admittedly it was a bone headed attempt to sort out such a large number of applications for tax exempt status but the regulation required the Cincinnati IRS agents to decide if the applying organizations were primarily involved in social work and not political work. In the end all applications, both right and left, were approved. The real problem is the change in the law‘s wording from ‘exclusively’ to ‘primarily’ leaving the IRS to decipher the primary work of the applying organization. The House Investigating Committee, chaired by Representative Issa has already refused to release testimony that would undermine the foregone conclusion he wants the committee to find. Watch, every time the investigation gets to the central question of the change in wording it will back off. In no way do Republican and some Democratic groups want the wording changed back from ‘primarily’ to ‘exclusively’.
The National Security Agency disclosures have certainly got both the right and left up in arms. While the programs disclosed have caught the public off guard, these are programs supported by Congress and regularly reviewed. Again no laws were broken and no crime has been committed except for the leaker himself. Many are condemning and many are applauding the disclosures but one thing is for certain, it has brought to the forefront the debate between security and freedom. I think if the leaker, Mr. Snowden’s motives were as pristine as he claims then there is no need to run off to Hong Kong. There is his obligation to stand up for what he has done. Still except for the leaker, no laws have been broken.
It appears we are to be inundated with ‘scandal’ probably till the 2014 elections. Americans will have relegated all this harping and carping to the background noise of their lives by then and the ‘scandals’ of today will not have any significant effect on the upcoming elections. With most of this stuff one really has to ask, ”Where’s the beef?”

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