At The Expense Of Those Who Have The Least

Kentucky Republicans are chomping at the bit over the possibility of taking over the Kentucky Assembly in the next election. With control of the Senate and a lock on redistricting they expect, despite a majority of Kentucky voters being Democratic, to take over the State Government as Republicans did in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas and Virginia.
What exactly would Republican dominance of the Assembly mean for the citizens and what would Republicans do? I guess one should look at the party’s platform and especially what has transpired in States that are currently in Republican control.
Take Virginia for example. After attacking Union bargaining rights the Assembly there set about passing an abortion bill that effectively puts the State Government right there in the Doctors office. It mandates an unnecessary internal ultrasound and a lecture by your Doctor before you can avail yourself of a needed medical procedure. A Woman’s health decisions are not hers alone, they belong to the State! Similar bills are being implemented in all Republican States so there’s no reason to think the Republican war on women’s reproductive rights would not be waged here in Kentucky if they are elected.
Republican Governors have balanced their State budgets but they bankrupted cities and counties in the process. Does that money go to services for the citizens? No. It is being used to give tax breaks to businesses so they will supposedly create jobs. One has to ask, where are the jobs Republicans ran on last time? Will they somehow appear if we reelect Republicans? The loss of money for food stamps and housing for the poor seems not to bother them at all. Matter of fact, Republicans scuttled the Farm Bill because it didn’t cut enough money from the food stamp program!
Recently the President said we need a raise in the minimum wage. Republicans, as the representatives of business are opposed. They cite all kinds on bad things that will happen if the wage is raised. These same objections were raised the last time the wage was raised and they didn’t happen then and won’t happen this time either. The current 7.25 an hour cannot support a single person let alone a family with children. Republicans think the wage should be at the mercy of the market. Right, your wages should be at the mercy of the market but not their profit! Business on the other hand should be able to avail themselves of tax breaks and government handouts. This raises a big question. Do Republicans want workers to starve? Republicans oppose raising the minimum wage to one a family can survive on and at the same time they want to get rid of the social safety net that supplements the meager wages business does pay! In addition Republican Governors are opposing implementation of the Medicaid expansion portion of the Affordable Care Act. They have in their hands a reasonable way to provide healthcare to all their citizens and they are refusing to take it. What kind of morality drives a decision like that?
The recent Supreme Court decision that gutted the Voting Rights Act has Republicans scrambling to pass voter suppression, oops! I mean Voter ID laws that make it harder for those who might vote Democratic to exercise their right to vote. In Texas, the law allows a Concealed Carry Permit to be used to vote but not an I D issued by the University Of Texas. You know those students might use a fake I D to vote and we gotta stop that. It’s obvious these laws are an outright attempt to prevent people from voting. Those of you in areas with lots of Democratic voters can expect long lines and shortened times to vote.
These are the kinds of legislation we can expect should Republicans manage to take over the Assembly. Policies designed to further the interests of those among us who have the most at the expense of those who have the least.

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