Veterans of Foreign Wars Medical Marijuana Resolution Quashed

The Resolution that the Veterans Of Foreign Wars should support Veteran access to medical marijuana through the auspices of the Veterans Administration has been quashed at the State level. The Resolution had passed by a large margin at the State of Kentucky Ninth District meeting in March but did not even get a hearing. It appears Veterans who need access to this medicine cannot count on their comrades in the Veterans Of Foreign Wars for their support.
The argument against the resolution claimed that support for this resolution would somehow paint the VFW as a “bunch of dope smoking hippies, ( to paraphrase part of the argument), like they were after Vietnam”! So the reputation of the VFW would be sullied if they support Veterans in accessing a medicine that 20 States and an Official Policy of the Veterans Administration recognize as needed by Veterans suffering from a number of conditions. Really?
As a Veterans of Foreign Wars member I am appalled that this nationally recognized and respected organization would toss science and logic under the bus along with their fellow Veterans to satisfy some 1960s propagandized version of reality!
The reality is we have thousands of Veterans who are suffering greatly and we have a medicine available that can relive much of that suffering. Science and compassion demand we support making this medicine available to every Veteran who can benefit from it. The VFW denial of support to the Veterans in need of this medicine does not exemplify the spirit of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and is a betrayal of our sick and disabled Veterans of the highest order. Shame on them!

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