And The Green Rush Is On

Attorney General Eric Holder, in a memorandum released on 29 August 2013, has declared a truce in the Federal war on marijuana users. In the memorandum the Justice Department lists 8 conditions that must be met by State marijuana laws in order to be free of Federal intervention. Most are common sense, for example, selling marijuana to minors or transporting marijuana to a non-marijuana state, and it should be fairly easy for the States to meet these requirements. The memorandum can be accessed here–
The Feds are also working on guidelines for the banking industry to allow for State legal handling of marijuana industry finances, and a bill to do so has been filed in Congress.
The States are now free establish industrial, medical and recreational marijuana markets and prepare to grab as much of the national and indeed, the international market as marijuana prohibition ends around the world.
Kentucky, even with prohibition in force, is the second largest producer of marijuana in America and we have a reputation for growing some of the best marijuana in the world. We should capitalize on our reputation and jump into this growing market. Provided the Assembly is not afraid to act so we can catch up with Washington and Colorado, we could have a robust market in place by this time next year. The revenue to the state could end up being in the millions, not to mention the economic boon to the State from all those people who will be gainfully employed in this new industry. They will generate millions in economic activity that everybody in this State from the Governor to the everyday citizen will benefit from. I’m sure we would all like to see a citizen working rather than being on the State dole!
Now is the time to act! Now is the time for our Legislators to show their leadership and for them to craft and pass reasonable and fair legislation that can maximize to the citizens and the State the benefits of this emerging and growing industry. To squander this opportunity would be called in military terms, “dereliction of duty’. Legislators of Kentucky, do your duty!

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