Voting Against Yourself

While preparing to write a comparison of Republican and Democratic positions for the upcoming 2014 elections I came to the realization that the question may be debated in terms of Democrat or Republican but it is essentially this; what direction do you think our country should take? Should we face the challenges of the future with our eyes wide open to the options available, or should we shrink from the challenge and resort to old and sometimes failed policies when tackling the problems facing the nation?
Conservatives believe in things remaining the same. Health insurance is a good example of this. Every time reform to our health care system comes up, Conservative Republicans oppose it. They have a plan for reforming healthcare they offered as a counter proposal to the single payer system favored by the Democrats and used in most modern countries. The Affordable Care Act is the Republican plan. When Democrats saw this type of plan working in Massachusetts where it was implemented by the Republican Governor, Democrats adopted it as a way to get everybody healthcare and control costs. Considering it is the Republican plan, Democrats figured passing it would not be a problem. Surprise surprise, Republicans then repudiated their own plan and vociferously began opposing it and derisively calling it Obamacare! It seems that political opposition trumps not only the welfare of the country but Republicans own ideas.
Republicans have shown that they will if elected continue the policy of ‘trickle down’ economics and austerity. This includes the policy of ‘shrinking the beast’. The practice of giving tax revenue to corporations and business so they will invest it and grow the economy, while at the same time shrinking revenue and cutting and getting rid of Government services to make the Federal Government weak and ineffective. Republicans have made no secret of their disdain for our Government and will certainly pursue policies that reflect as much. Why we elect people to positions in Government who dislike Government is beyond me!
Republicans at both the State and Federal level have and will continue to propose voter suppression laws in the guise of voter I D laws and anti-abortion laws designed to put the Government between a woman and her doctor when it comes to her reproductive choices. They will continue to push austerity and cut funding for Social Security, welfare, food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare. They oppose raising the minimum wage and would certainly move to cut or limit unemployment.
Democrats, rather than redo the past, believe in moving the country forward. Their willingness to adopt the Republican Healthcare Plan is a good example of this. It was working in Mass. It does cut costs and covers everybody so Democrats support it while Republicans inexplicably oppose it! Democrats are more likely to support diplomacy in dealing with our enemies where practicable. A treaty is far less destructive than ‘boots on the ground’ and costs a lot less. Democrats push for a more inclusive economy based on supply and demand that increases the buying power of the poor and middle class. Doing that, getting money into the hands of those who will spend it, rather than those who will stick it into some off shore account will grow the economy and create demand which when satisfied will create the jobs promised by the Republicans in 2010 and 2012.
One can see it’s a clear choice, forward or back. Grow the economy and let the economic power of the Federal Government help, or curtail the economic power of the Federal Government and make it inefficient in reining in the excesses and social inequity of the free market. For me the choice is easy. I make less than 300,000 dollars a year and voting Republican is voting against my economic best interests. I wonder how many who make less than 300,000 a year will vote against themselves in the next election? It never ceases to amaze me. A guy will vote into office a politician who will take money from him and his family based solely on the false notion that the Government is somehow coming for his guns; or any number of ridiculous notions ginned up by those who work to con poor people into voting against themselves. This time the choice of who to vote for is easy. This time I’m voting for myself!

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