Betrayal Comes In Many Guises

There he was. There was South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on camera in front of reporters railing and complaining about the budget agreement worked out by Senators Ryan and Murray. Standing behind him were three tough looking Veterans in Veterans of Foreign Wars hats. Presumably they are there to support Senator in his complaint about the budget and to point out the cuts in it to Veteran benefits.
The problem here is the Veterans standing behind Senator Graham are, I would guess, of a Republican bent as they are supporting a Republican in his complaint about the budget. However, cuts to entitlements and social programs are the bailiwick of the Republicans not the Democrats. These Veterans and any Veterans, who support Republican economic policy, are voting for the very people who want to cut Veteran benefits along with any social support programs they can get their hands on.
Talk about voting against yourself! I sincerely hope that the day is not far off when my fellow Brother and Sister Veterans wake up and realize that the Republican Party is using our patriotism and loyalty to aid them in the Party’s quest to restrict the financial power of the Federal Government and make it ineffectual in reining in the excesses and inequality of the free market, a policy that weakens the very Government that many are, right now, giving their lives to protect. At the same time Republicans are cutting the very benefits Republicans claim to be protecting!
These Legislators were quite eager to send our young men into their wars with cries of, “USA”, “USA”! Now Republicans want us to support them as they, with smiles on their faces and fingers crossed behind their backs, attempt, in the name of some failed economic policy, to cut or eliminate the benefits these courageous men and women are entitled to.
Kind of like the Martin Niemoller thing about, ‘ They came for the Socialists and I said nothing because I was not a socialist’, except with benefits. They came for food stamps but I do not use food stamps so I said nothing. When they came for Veterans benefits there was no one who would speak out for us because we did not speak out for them.
Remember Romney’s 47% comment? That 47% of the people would not vote for him, as he said, the 47% who are takers. Well Veterans who receive benefits and retirement are in that 47%! Let us not forget that the Republican cry to cut entitlements includes Veterans. Time to wake up and get smarter about who we think we are supporting!!!

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