Helping The Children

The members of the Kentucky Assembly were all smiles, cheering and backslapping over the passage the most restrictive medical marijuana bill, SB 124, proposed this year. This bill will provide access to marijuana oil in a research program to be conducted at Kentucky’s Universities. This is already being done in Colorado and other states. The children this legislation is tailored to help will not begin using it for at least six months or longer. It wouldn’t surprise me if the patients do not get to access this oil for at least a year.

It seems our legislators have been able to not do what the majority of citizens want, while doing something for a select few of the citizens that might not happen till after the elections.

Our Legislators are celebrating that they are helping epileptic children by passing SB124. However if they had passed SB43 or HB350, the citizens needing this medicine, including those epileptic children, would be able to access this medicine right away and not have to wait on duplicate ‘research’, or jump other bureaucratic hurdles before their children can find relief!

It’s the perfect example of doing things halfway and making them worse in the process.

Unless the assembly passes another bill this session, it seems the majority of Kentucky’s citizens who need this medicine must spend another year waiting, risking arrest and imprisonment and suffering unnecessarily, till the Assembly allows them to legally access a medicine they desperately need. At the same time the children the Assembly is so proud of helping will also be waiting for as much as a year.

It’s the perfect bill! It seems to be helping children. Makes the Assembly look good and actually stops or slows things down, as, it seems, is intended.

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