Reprehensible and Deserving of Shame

Well our legislative leaders have weighed in on the release of our only Afghanistan Prisoner of War, Sgt Bowe Bergdahl.  Instead of the rejoicing and cheering we should be experiencing, we are watching a sad performance of a play we have seen too many times before.  As Democratic legislators celebrate his release, Republican legislators are busy vilifying Sgt. Bergdahl and making assumptions about the details of his capture, captivity and survival.  Some even going so far as to question the character and loyalty of the man’s parents!  The negative and hurtful nature of the attacks on this young man and his family go beyond the pale and have even resulted in the cancellation of the homecoming celebration planned by his community, friends and family.

In an article in the D Day, June6, 2014 edition of the Kentucky Enquirer titled, ‘What Your Lawmakers Think About the Prisoner Swap’, only Senator Sherrod Brown, (D) of Ohio celebrated and supported the actions of the President in securing the release of Sgt. Bergdahl.  The other 7 legislators representing our region, Republicans Portman, Chabot, Wenstrup and Boehner of Ohio and McConnell, Paul and Massie of Kentucky shamed themselves and our region by using the captivity and release of Sgt Bergdahl to score political points and berate the President over what is clearly within his power as Commander in Chief to do, arrange for the return of our Prisoners of War.  Congress has known for two years of the details of this deal and the 5 guys traded for Sgt Bergdahl would have to be released at the end of this year anyway.  With all this in mind, the statements of the region’s Republican legislators and Republican legislators nation wide, are even more reprehensible!

It’s obvious to me and should be obvious to any parent that is paying attention that these legislators would have left your son or daughter to rot in captivity if it was not politically expedient for them to trade for their release.

Let’s hear it for the President.  He knew that he would take heat for the deal but for him, America’s sons and daughters are more important than scoring political points.  He said, “This is how you end wars.  You treat with the enemy and get your people back!”   Playing one- upmanship with the lives of our sons and daughters is reprehensible, deserving of shame and should engender the condemnation of all  the citizens of our region and that of the entire nation.

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