An Apalling Lack of Respect and Knowledge

Last night on Kentucky Educational Television’s ‘Kentucky Tonight’ show with Bill Goodman a prominent Northern Kentucky State Senator was asked a question about the Medical Cannabis legislation.  He responded that while fighting heroin he was loath to allow our citizens access to another drug, thus equating the need for medical cannabis with heroin addiction.

His answer, while disrespecting the tens of thousands of our citizens who legitimately need medical cannabis, also shows a total lack of knowledge of either medical cannabis or heroin.  The facts show that medical cannabis can be an effective tool when dealing with heroin abuse. Recent studies show a drop of approximately 25% in opioid drug abuse to include heroin in States that have effective medical cannabis laws and many addicts report success when using medical cannabis to break their heroin addiction.

The citizens of Kentucky who require medical cannabis deserve more than the mouthing of 77 year old debunked drug war propaganda.  They deserve legislators who respond to their needs and take the time to educate themselves about these issues.  They need and deserve access to medical cannabis now, not tomorrow!

You Legislators need to show that you have compassion! Show these citizens that they matter and pass a Colorado style medical cannabis bill this session.

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