Baptist Convention Brags About Killing Medical Cannabis Bill

The Director of the Baptist Convention is bragging about killing the Medical Cannabis Bill claiming victory in doing so. Let’s look at what he has actually done and see if he is still proud of his accomplishment. The ignorance of Baptist Convention Director, Mr. Chitwood and the Baptists on this issue is stunning. Many Religious organizations support the legalization of marijuana for medical reasons.  78 years of prohibition and misinformation certainly worked on Mr. Chitwood!  I bet he still believes marijuana will make little Tommy kill Grandma with her skillet!!!  Another serious question is who elected Mr. Chitwood to the Assembly and why is he practicing medicine without a license?

His warning that if marijuana is legal for medical reasons then everyone will get it any time they want is the same argument given by the Feds in 1996 when California legalized medical marijuana.  It didn’t fly then and it doesn’t fly now!  But if it did let’s take it to its logical conclusion.   Ok, California has had medical for 28 years.  If as you say, anyone can get it, then I challenge you to show us where the bodies are? Where are the schizophrenic teens, the Heroin addicted users that went from pot to heroin? (Studies show a 25% drop in prescription opioid drug abuse in medical marijuana states).  Where is the increase in fatal traffic accidents?

None of this has happened!   In addition to this, teen use in these states is either unchanged or has dropped slightly.

Mr. Chitwood may be patting himself on the back but it’s for stopping thousands of our fellow citizens, many of whom (if statics are to be believed) belong to the Baptist faith, from safely and legally obtaining and using a medicine that is effective for a number of conditions.

A special thanks to you from Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access.  We represent the thousands of Veterans who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who need it as the only effective medicine for this insidious condition as testified to at the Interim Joint Assembly hearing of the Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee held on 10 July 2014. Those who suffer from intractable pain from their service offer a special thanks for insuring another year of either suffering with it or breaking the law and risking jail to mitigate their pain.

Oh well so much for the cry, ‘Whatever the troops need’!

I certainly hope you, Mr. Chitwood, and all the Baptists in the State are able to look your version of Jesus in the eye and tell him that you are doing his work by insuring the suffering of tens of thousands of your fellow citizens for another year.  I’m sure He will be pleased to hear it, don’t you?

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