The Dark Heart Exposed

With all the howling over the outrageous comments of Mr. Trump there is one thing most people aren’t commenting on. That is, that the things he is saying are exactly what Republicans say when they think no one is listening.   His racist comments and now his comments about Senator McCain’s service are nothing I have not heard before from my Republican acquaintances and friends.

Republican outrage at Trump’s comments is not surprising given their silence when an equally valid war hero, Secretary Kerry was attacked over his service. Speaking from personal experience, I have never had my service or the benefits I receive for that service, questioned by a person of the Democratic persuasion. I have, on several occasions, had my service and service connected disability questioned by staunch Republicans. A Republican relative on my wife’s side of the family went so far as to call my wife and tell her we were no longer considered part of the family because I was granted VA disability. She then went on about her husband not being able to get his Social Security because I was using all the money up! These people are ‘very’ well off financially. Why the wealthy begrudge our Veterans and the poor what little help and benefit the Government might give them is beyond my understanding but it is the fabric of what they say when they think no one is listening.

Remember Romney’s 47% comment? That 47% of the people would not vote for him, the 47% who receive benefits from the Government. The, as he said it, people who are takers! He was not only talking about the poor, but anyone receiving benefits including Veterans.

If that comment, spoken with candor and expected privacy, does not expose the true nature of the conservative soul of today then I don’t know what does! Trump may be a jerk but he is a jerk speaking out loud what is normally said in private.

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