Your State Senator Wants You To Be Paid Less!

Kentucky State Senator Wil Schroder supports a law, SB9, mandating that workers, who would normally be paid by law the ‘prevailing wage’, not be paid the prevailing wage when working on school construction projects to save taxpayer money on these projects. If the workers of Bracken, Campbell and Pendleton counties had any doubt whether Republicans cared about the welfare of their families, they need doubt no longer.  Republicans want their families to give up some of their income to build public school projects. I guess using schools and children somehow makes this theft of the worker’s salaries morally just but I wonder what justification they will use when they try to expand this theft to other projects.

Why do Republicans always place the burden for ‘cutting big government’ on those who make the least?

Here’s an idea! How about a law requiring the Senator and Representative of a District with a public funded project in progress to give up a third of their government and personal salary during the construction phase of the project to help pay for the project.  This will also cut costs and is just as fair to the legislators as SB9 is to the workers.

The prevailing wage is there to insure workers aren’t cheated by being paid less than comparable workers in the same area and was designed to protect them from Contractors who bid on these projects. No one thought they would have to be protected from their own legislators!

SB9 exposes the truth about Republican policy. Unless you are a businessman, government can’t help you.  It’s not government’s job!   The truth is government is the only entity that can protect you from the unjust and predatory nature of business and the free market.  SB9 eliminates that protection.


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