The Greatest Danger and the Easiest to Fix

For too long we have been told government is not your friend, don’t call on the government they can’t help you. They can help big business but not you! In reality Government is the only entity that can protect the citizenry from the predatory nature of big business. It’s bad enough that many of our politicians are unduly influenced by the enormous sums of money needed to run for office. Now one party’s leading contender is a big business man, and if he or those of his ilk get control of the presidency there will be no protection for the citizenry.

Until we address the problem of poverty and financial inequality in America we will be in danger, a danger more threatening than any outside aggressor!

We should elect someone who is dedicated to solving this problem. All other problems pale in comparison to this one.

We can fix it. Eliminate the cap on taxable income for Social Security currently at 160,000 dollars and raise the tax to 8%. Then lower the age of eligibility to 50 years old. Place a tax on all Stock Market trades of one or 2% and use that money to create a basic citizen stipend equivalent to 3 meals and a place to live say, 1500 to 2000 a month for all from age 21 to 50 as a right of citizenship. This stipend could have a means test to cut costs. For our young citizens we should start an account for all newborns that the government under some kind of formula deposits money into on a regular basis that the child gets when they turn 21 to get started in life. Of course 4 year college tuition would be free as it is in other modern countries, along with single payer health care

There it is. The elimination of poverty in America without taxing the rich at 90%. Think of what freeing our citizens from economic servitude would do. The creative energies of our citizens would change the world. One could dedicate oneself to improving his life and the lives of all if one were not being held in economic servitude.

This is a goal we should all be working toward. We say we are the greatest country in the world. Just saying it don’t make it so. Fact is in the area of caring for our citizens we are way down on the list.

Time the citizens of this country come first instead of last!

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