How ‘Bout a Lack of Followship!

President Obama took office in 2009. It has been the stated goal of the Republican body politic to not cooperate with the President on any legislation.  Republican legislators in both the House and Senate have consistently refused to advance any legislation proposed by the President’s or his allies.  Senator Mitch McConnell stated publicly that they should make Mr. Obama’s first term his last.  Even though Mr. Obama won reelection in 2012, Senator Mc Connell has continued this policy of obstruction.

The House of Representatives, despite the efforts of Speaker Boehner to get House members to at least cooperate on some issues, refused his leadership and any cooperation with Democrats or the President. House Republicans fired Speaker Boehner and were set to elect Representative McCarthy until he spilled the beans that the Benghazi hearings were a political stunt to, “bring Hillary’s numbers down, and its working!”  He also revealed while speaking that he couldn’t put a coherent sentence together. Since then, and after much squabbling, House Republicans elected, or should I say begged, Representative Paul Ryan to assume the Speakership.

The great cry from Republicans echoed by Fox News and a hundred conservative news outlets from the beginning of President Obama’s first term is that America is in serious trouble because with the election of Mr. Obama America now lacks leadership. That in itself is an interesting statement coming from Republican Legislators who routinely fire their own leaders immediately after asking to follow them.  One must step back and ask what exactly would qualify as leadership in the Republican playbook?

President Obama has done quite well in steering the battered hulk of the, ‘Ship of State’ left him by President George Bush. The economy is stable after the disastrous collapse of the market on George’s watch.  We have a National Healthcare policy that will eventually, when holdout Republican States finally join in, cover all Americans.  The deficit so vociferously complained about by Republicans has been reduced by half.  President Obama has patched up decades long disputes between America and her neighbors and to top it all off got Bin Laden!

The Congress on the other hand, when faced with a crisis of gun violence has been unable to follow anyone’s suggestions for legislators to confront the problem. Republican House members even tried to undermine the Iran treaty by indicating in writing they would not support any of the treaty’s provisions.

There is much good legislation that would benefit us all. Rather than pick apart those who are trying to help America achieve its aims and goals, we waste time and money stopping ourselves from accomplishing anything! All this leads me to believe it is not a lack of leadership we are suffering from but rather a lack of ‘Followship’!

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