An Economy That Works For All

I was watching the August 12, 2016 episode of the PBS show, ‘Washington Week’ when one of the commentators mentioned that Hillary Clinton had said she wants,” an economy that works for all.” Mr. Michael Shearer of Time Magazine said, “The economy has never worked for everyone.  I mean it’s possibly the worst political cliché you could offer.”  All the commentators and the moderator scoffed at the notion and noted that the statement was a political mainstay and that one would never see an economy that could work for all our citizens.  One could say that those at the bottom of the economic spectrum are most assuredly counting on an economy that works for all and not just for the privileged few.

Mrs. Clinton is not alone in her belief that we can have an economy that works for all. One of our greatest Presidents, Franklin Roosevelt in his lauded ‘Four Freedoms’ speech most certainly believed in an economy that works for all.  Most people you ask who know of this speech can recall the first 3 but usually have trouble remembering the fourth.  They are Freedom of speech, Freedom of worship, Freedom from fear and the one most people forget, Freedom from want!

Poverty in America is persuasive and 2 Presidents have worked for its elimination directly, Roosevelt and Johnson. Now comes Mrs. Clinton also working to uplift the lives of all our citizens by creating an economy that works for us all.

We can eliminate abject poverty here in America if we choose.  We have both the wealth and the tools.  Here’s how we could do it!  Eliminate the cap on Social Security and raise the tax to 8%.  Lower the eligibility to 50 years old.  Place a 2 or 3% tax on all stock trades and use that money to eliminate tuition at all public colleges and create a citizen stipend equivalent to 3 meals a day and a place to live, say 1500 to 2000 a month for all from age 21 to 49 as a right of citizen ship.  This should have a means test to cut costs.  For our youngest we could create a separate account at birth along with Social Security that grows with the child and they receive when they finish school to get started in life.

There’s a plan that shows an economy working for us all. Guess what would happen to our wealthy citizens if this plan was initiated?  They would still be wealthy!

Mrs. Clinton’s economic plans do not achieve complete elimination of poverty in America but they are certainly a start in the right direction toward an economy that can work for us all and that is not a ‘notion’ to be scoffed at!

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