Hitting the Lottery or “I sent you a Boat!”

The world is watching Colorado and is finding out that everything we have been told by our Government about marijuana has not been factual, to put it nicely.

Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2012 and recreational in 2014. They have paid more than 150 million in taxes on 1.3 billion in sales for 2016 and have created more than 20,000 full time jobs in the process and none of the predicted harms of legalization have materialized.

California has had an easy access medical marijuana program for 20 years and NONE of the terrible things we have been told will happen should cannabis be legal have happened!

All we have to do is copy Colorado’s regs and standards and git on with it!

What in the name of Heaven are we waiting for?

The people in our eastern counties are praying for something to replace the coal industry. God has one ready to go for us and we are ignoring his help! It’s like the old joke about the guy trapped on his roof in a flood. He prays and prays and God comes to him and says God will save him. Later a helicopter comes by and offers to pick the man up. “No, no, thanks anyway but God said he would save me.” After a while a boat comes and offers to pick up the man. Again he says no because, “God will save me.” Later on that night the waters rose and the man drowned. When he gets up to heaven He asks God, “Why, why God, didn’t you save me?” and God replies, “I sent you a boat and a helicopter, why didn’t you get in?”

Let’s take this winning lottery ticket the good Lord has given us, an industry safer and healthier than coal, and do good with it! Alleviate the suffering of our eastern counties, create thousands of jobs, garner millions in revenue, enable billions in economic activity and put that money to work for the citizens of our great state.

It would seem that if we get to the end of this session and nothing is done, one could reasonably conclude the Republican controlled legislature is being derelict in its duty to improve the lives and the well being of our citizens and our state!


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