Fortified for Your Protection

The March 25, 2017 edition of the Cincinnati Enquirer contained an article titled, ‘Typos in DNA Help Fuel Cancer’. The article said research suggests most cases of cancer are due to random copying errors. The cell, for whatever reason, mutates and not in a good way.  Cells that mutate are programmed to die but due to mutation they replicate and grow.

One would think the ideal solution would be something that could guarantee cell death should mutation occur. There is, according to current data, such a substance but we have made research into it almost impossible.

Early experiments at the Medical College of Virginia showed that tumorous mice injected with THC, the active ingredient in Cannabis, saw the tumors reduced by 33% over the time of the research.

Complutense University in Madrid Spain, in their research found that the active ingredient in marijuana appears to prompt the death of brain cancer cells. The finding is based on work with mice designed to carry human cancer tumors, as well as from an analysis of THC’s impact on tumor cells extracted from 2 patients with brain cancer.

Dr. Donald Tashkin did the largest study to date on marijuana and lung cancer, 2500 subjects. The expectation was that it would be a ‘slam dunk’, that certainly smoking cannabis would increase the likelihood of contracting cancer.  The researchers were surprised to find that marijuana smokers get head, neck and lung cancer at the same rate as nonsmokers.  The researchers concluded that cannabis contains some kind of cancer preventer that needs looking into as soon as possible.

Would that it were so! Currently cannabis is classified as Schedule 1, dangerous and having no medical value.  Never mind the 28 states that have medical marijuana programs, the Government and the Drug Enforcement Administration will not allow any research on marijuana unless it is designed to show harm.  So far legalization in States across America has not supported the Governments position that allowing the citizens access to cannabis would somehow be harmful.  Dr. Tashkin’s study did do something though.  The Government no longer claims smoking marijuana will cause lung cancer.

There is plenty of evidence that bears looking into but until we end our irrational war on cannabis, nothing will happen.

There is currently in the House of Representatives a bipartisan Cannabis Caucus consisting of Rep Dana Rohrabacher R, California, Rep Earl Blumenauer, D Oregon, Rep Jared Polis, D Colorado and Rep Don Young, R of Alaska. In the Senate Senator Jeff Merkly of Oregon is a supporter.  Concerned citizens should contact their legislators and insist support for legalizing cannabis so needed research can be done to ascertain the healing effects of this remarkable plant.

The sooner our ridiculous war on cannabis ends, the sooner we can research and use what might just be our most powerful weapon ever in our long war on cancer. It would not surprise me if one day your Cheerios box has printed on it, ‘Fortified with cannabis for your protection!’

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