Safest Therapeutic Substance Known to Man

The Ohio city of Mason, along with a number of other cities, is banning Medical Cannabis industry operations, especially pharmacies from operating in their towns. One anti-cannabis advocate in Mason claimed we must protect the children. The same old last ditch cry of those who would continue prohibition.  Another who was interviewed claimed cannabis was a gateway drug that led straight to heroin despite science debunking this myth over and over.  One wonders, do they not want the revenue and jobs this industry has to offer?

This irrational fear of cannabis stems from 80 years of ridiculous and sometimes outright lies foisted on the citizens by the Federal Government in their efforts to continue prohibition.

San Diego also claimed that marijuana pharmacies were a danger to the communities they were in. A study found exactly the opposite.  Cannabis Pharmacies made the areas around them safer.  The study said that the increased security required for these operations actually lowered the crime rate for the areas they were in.

We have hard drug pharmacies everywhere. We have them on almost every corner and alcohol pharmacies in between. We even have them in our grocery stores!  One can pick up a loaf of bread, a six pack of beer, then stop at the pharmacy and pick up your oxycodone and head home.

The damage to our communities from alcohol and drugs is well documented, overdose deaths, domestic violence, traffic fatalities and all manner of disruptions. Cannabis on the other hand is not associated with any kind of violence, or overdose deaths and study after study have shown no connection to fatal traffic accidents or any increase in accidents at all.  The latest Government survey finds teen use down and there is a precipitous drop in opioid overdose deaths where cannabis is available to the citizens so it is hard to imagine what exactly these cities are protecting their citizens from!  The benefits of legal cannabis far outweigh the long debunked imaginary claims spouted by those who have blindly opposed legalization.

A perfect example of this was the October 12, 2017 meeting of the Kentucky Assembly Interim Joint Committee on Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection. It was referred to by cannabis activists as the ‘anti-cannabis hearing’. One of the speakers, Commissioner Rick Sanders of the Kentucky State Police, tried to scare the committee members by listing the deaths from Opioid/heroin, then from alcohol and then from tobacco.  Everyone was waiting for him to mention the deaths from cannabis, but he stopped with tobacco.  The reason he didn’t list cannabis deaths?  There aren’t any!  He would have had to say zero and he didn’t want the audience to hear that.

Would that we would accept the ruling in 1988 of The Drug Enforcement Administration’s Administrative Law Judge Francis Young, when he ruled that cannabis was, “The safest therapeutic substance known to man.”

Colorado has shown that cannabis is not the bogeyman opponents have made it out to be. It is simply a commodity requiring regulation, oversight and competent management based on facts, science and what is best for the citizens, nothing more, nothing less.

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