Meeting the Cannabis Needs of Our Veterans

The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial was dedicated in Washington on 5 October 2014. This tribute to the sacrifices of our Disabled Veterans makes note of the enormity of those sacrifices. While giving one’s life for the protection or betterment of others is certainly the greatest sacrifice, the sacrifice of our disabled Veterans goes on for their entire lives ending only at their sometimes untimely deaths.

Think of it the next time you shake the left hand of a Veteran because his right is missing. Think of it when you see Veteran disabled plates on a car in the parking lot at the grocery.   They suffer from post-traumatic stress. They suffer from phantom and chronic pain from loss of a limb or an eye or crushed bones and torn flesh, or as is sometimes true all too often from the loss of their spirit.

Many of these Veterans, thanks to the Federal Government allowing 29 States to experiment, have found healing and comfort from the use of medical cannabis. Veterans, who reside in Kentucky are now asking their legislators to make this medicine available to them by passing a comprehensive cannabis bill this session. Let us be the 30th State to provide them comfort and relief.

In your speeches you all are quick to pronounce that, “our Veterans deserve all we can do for them!” Well Ladies and Gentlemen, your Veterans need access to medical cannabis in a safe and effective way and you folks need to get it to them ASAP! To do any less is not only hypocritical, it dishonors the sacrifice these Veterans make every day they suffer, every day of their lives.

Honor their sacrifice, pass a workable cannabis bill this session.

(speech given at NKY Legislative Forum on 3 Feb 2018)

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