Get About Fixing It!

Kentucky’s teachers are protesting at the Capitol not just for better wages but for the very lives of our children. The better prepared and educated they are the greater the benefit to our cities, our counties, our state and our country.

The money these teachers seek is available in a new revenue stream just waiting for us to hook up a hose and start sucking those dollars in!   I am speaking of the cannabis industry.

States that have established a robust and well- regulated cannabis industry are enjoying a remarkable amount of economic activity as a result. Colorado which has a population of 5.5 million, has, for 2016 seen revenue of 150 million on sales of 1.3 billion dollars. Most of the revenue is dedicated to the schools!  They, as well as California with 20 years of medical legalization, have yet to experience any of the harms prohibitionists have been shouting about for 80 years.

One wonders why the Assembly will not allow the cannabis industry to move forward. Twenty-nine states and DC, the capitol, have legal cannabis industries and they are doing just fine, thank you! There is no reason to think we would have any problems here in Kentucky.

All the Assembly members are doing is depriving the State of a new and safe revenue stream. There is also this.  Several studies have shown a significant drop in opioid overdose deaths in legal states.  Simply put, if cannabis is available to the citizens, less people die as people choose the safer drug.  It’s as simple as that!

SB80, the Senate cannabis bill, is in the Veterans committee. Despite Legislators claim that, “our Veterans deserve all we can do for them”, this bill is not being allowed to move forward.

Something is certainly off in the moral compass of the Assembly that they would prefer to allow the deaths and suffering of our citizens and a lower quality of education for our children rather than admit that prohibition was a mistake from the very beginning and should have never happened in the first place. The members of the Assembly should finally admit that and get about fixing it.  Senate Bill 80 is a good place to start!

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