The Crystal Belly

President Trump has said on numerous occasions, when meeting with our adversaries, that he ‘believes’ he will be able to ‘feel’ if the leader he is meeting with is serious or not. The President said he doesn’t need to prepare, that he will know their intentions by the feeling in his stomach.

I don’t know about you but my gut tells me as many wrong things as right and is as reliable as flipping a coin. Trump lies pathologically to us and to himself.  Are we to leave our fate to the rumbling acid reflux of the Trump belly?

His belly has created a riff in our relations with our allies. It has moved us closer to autocrats and dictators and it has him praising those who poison and murder to stay in power

When will the serious damage his abdomen has done to our country and it’s institutions finally make Americans cry enough is enough and push back against the madness of the would be first dictator of the United States?

Trump may score a small win in Korea but at what cost? Our reputation as a reliable partner in the free world has been trashed. Mr. trump has gone out of his way to cozy up to Putin despite the attack on our country and our election.  What in Trumps gut allows for his ignoring of this attack? Is it fear? Exactly what does the Russian president have on Mr. Trump?

I wish America would stop ‘believing’ and ‘feeling’ get back to policies based on fact and not based on the gaseous bag of guts rumbling around in Trumps belly.

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