Modern Confederates

Michigan State Senator Rick Jones’ call for an Article 5 US Constitutional Convention is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Forcing the Federal Government to a balanced budget actually plays into the hands of those who would like to shrink the Federal Government until it can be, as Grover Norquist said and many Republicans have signed on to, “Down to a size where we can drown it in the bathtub.”  This idea of a balanced budget amendment will not only cripple our Government but will impact poor and middle class families with devastating results.

Imagine if we had one now. After giving 1.2 trillion dollars away to their benefactors and donors Republicans will cry, we must balance the budget and will use Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid to do so, bleeding these programs dry and hurting our citizens like never before.  You can forget that stuff about balancing the budget like most American families do every month around the kitchen table.  That doesn’t happen as most of us carry debt over to the next month all the time just as the Federal Government does.  This call for a balanced budget amendment is a ploy to destroy the Federal Government and with it the Union!

A Constitutional Convention would not be limited to just the budget or term limits. The entire Constitution would be open to change. Voting rights, free speech, citizenship, gun rights, all of it could be changed during a convention.  Pack the Convention with your backers and all bets are off.

This call for a Constitutional Convention for term limits and a balanced budget is another Republican attack on our Government and is as despicable and dangerous as the Confederate attack on the Union was. Sadly the Republican Party has morphed into the modern version of the Confederate States, bent on destroying the Union.  They must be stopped just as the Confederate rebellion was.


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Retired disabled Air Force Master Sgt. Senior Advisor for Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access.
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3 Responses to Modern Confederates

  1. ShereeKrider says:

    You are absolutely correct. If we allow an Article 5 Constitutional Convention we can kiss the USA goodbye forever. What they walk out of the Convention with we cannot correct. There is a show on Netflix “Jericho” which depicts a takeover by a “Blackwater” type of group and they hold a “Constitutional Convention” to set it in stone – worth watching…

    • Msgt Vance says:

      The Republican Party has been bought by the wealthy and large corporations and starting with Nixon have courted the old racist south to stay in power. They have expressed in every way their hatred of the Union and crazily the future! It is the Federal Government, with all it’s good and bad ideas and policies that is US. Get rid of that and there is no US.

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