Why Not Cannabis Businesses?

There is absolutely no rational reason that Cannabis Businesses, whether medical or recreational, should not be allowed to open in Eaton County or Charlotte. Setting aside normal business concerns like parking or traffic and such, what is the reason for denying these businesses the right to operate?

If it is safety you are concerned with, let me inform you of the numbers. The Center for Disease Control, CDC, reports annual death rates for various causes of death.  Alcohol kills 88,000 people a year on average, 2,000 from simple poisoning and around 10,500 in fatal traffic accidents.  Opioid overdose deaths killed 63,600 people in 2016 and 480,000 will die from tobacco related causes this year.  Caffeine is listed as the cause for 92 deaths per year.  On the other hand the CDC lists 0 deaths per year for cannabis.   We should be making it harder to get smokes and booze!

There are alcohol, tobacco and hard drugs available at more places in the county than you can shake a stick at! You can get all three at Meijer or Walmart or CVS.  Alcohol and tobacco can be purchased at any gas station or liquor store in town.  It is hard to imagine what it would be like if we regulated these substances by how dangerous they really are.

The Administrative Law Judge for the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Honorable Francis Young ruled in a 1988 hearing that marijuana was,” the safest therapeutic substance known to man.” Of course the DEA quickly found a judge to overturn that ruling.  They were busy putting people in jail for using marijuana and didn’t want the truth to get in the way!  Alcohol and opioid drug use go down when cannabis is available.  Citizens will choose the safer drug when they are allowed to.  The only thing forbidding cannabis businesses from operating will accomplish is to stop investment, economic activity, jobs and revenue.  It will also make our citizens have to drive to another county to meet their legal cannabis needs.

Time to discard 81 years of cannabis propaganda and disinformation and base cannabis policy on the facts. There is no reason to prohibit cannabis businesses from operating with normal business restrictions in our county or cities and many good reasons to allow them. Our county and city officials should act accordingly!

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