Are You Ready?

There is a small restaurant just outside the old Military Housing complex at the former Bitburg Airbase in Bitburg, Germany.  I was stationed there in the early 80s and ate there many times.  The GIs called it, ’The Corner Store’ but its real name was, ‘The Edelweiss’.  Some of the younger Germans at the time were calling for the American military to leave.  Evidence of this was present in the Men’s room at The Edelweiss.  There, in bold writing, on the wall above the urinals were written the words, “You Americans should go home!”  Directly below that a GI had written, “Hope you got your Russian Textbooks ready!”   The Cold War was heating up with President Reagan’s visit to Bitburg Air Base for the 45th anniversary of the end of WWII and things were a bit tense.

We are again faced with an aggressive Russia as it has lost its grip on democracy and reverted to a dictatorial oligarchy every bit as cunning and dangerous as the old Soviet Union was.  It seems more than obvious that the Russians have some kind of sway with our current President.  They have used cyber warfare to attack our 2016 election, are continuing to attacks and are preparing to attack the 2020 elections.  The current administration not only denies the reports of our Security Services but publicly defended the perpetrator of the attacks, Vladimir Putin!  Our President has actively worked to further Russia’s foreign policy goals and is continuing in this more recently by denying Russia’s involvement in Venezuela.  This ignoring of the Monroe Doctrine puts Russia close enough to cause us all kinds of trouble.

In considering all of this and the upcoming elections I’ve come to the conclusion that should America reelect the current administration we might want to prepare.  As that GI wrote on the wall long ago, “I hope you got your Russian textbooks ready!”

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