It Was All About the Votes!

When one considers all the restrictive anti-abortion bills being passed in Republican controlled Legislatures one has to admit that the Republican plan to use the abortion issue and religion to split the women’s vote has worked beyond anything they could have imagined.

Half of the women in the country, a country based on individual freedom, are voting not for their freedom but instead, voting to give up their rights as sovereign individuals.  They are voting to allow the Government to decide what happens should they get pregnant.  Not their Doctor, not them but the Government!

Controlling Women’s reproductive rights is more important than freedom from Government interference in the lives of the citizens. Republicans throw out the basic principle of their Party to pass a law every bit as onerous as Sharia law when it comes to Women’s reproductive rights.

It was only about getting votes, nothing more, nothing less!

About msgtvance

Retired disabled Air Force Master Sgt. Senior Advisor for Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access.
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