So, why not?

Andrew Yang is running for President and one of his proposals is a Universal Basic Income for all citizens of $1000 a month beginning at age 18.  There is no doubt of the benefits of this proposal.  The result of getting that money in the hands of those who will spend it would drive the economy to new heights.  There is also no doubt as to the ability of the country to afford it.  The stock market did, in 2016, 42 trillion dollars in trades and in 2017 Republicans gave their wealthy supporters a 1.2 trillion dollar tax cut.  Despite that the economy is still humming along.

Maybe it’s time for those of us on the lower end of the economic spectrum to fight back and demand an economy that puts money in the pockets of all our citizens and not just the pockets of the wealthy and privileged.  Besides, history shows that the main goal of every Republican Majority Congress has been huge tax cuts which reward wealthy citizens and corporations while shifting the cost of Government to the poor and middle class.

This started with President Reagan and ‘trickle down’ economics. Daddy Bush pushed one as did his son.  Republicans even pushed one thru during Clinton’s term.  We just saw them do it again with Trump’s tax cuts.  The theory is that the wealthy and big corporations will invest the money and that will create jobs, however that is not what happens.  Most recipients of this money either banked the money or used it to prop up their stocks and pay dividends to their stock holders. At a recent gathering of corporate CEOs the monitor of the discussion asked for raised hands as to how many were planning to invest the money gleaned from the cuts and only one or two raised their hands.  You can’t blame them though.  No businessman in his right mind is going build another scissors factory if he cannot sell the scissors coming out of the factory he already has!

So why not?  Why not give ourselves a fair share of the wealth of this country instead of waiting for it to ‘trickle down’?  Let us give ourselves a ‘pay raise’ instead of waiting for the Oligarchs of America and their paid for politicians to trickle on us!  Let us put aside the superficial things that are used to divide us and unite in finally giving all our citizens, rich and poor the right to share in the country’s wealth.

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